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the guns that the suspect had have now been told to us to be starter pistols. starter pistols. the kind of pistols people use when they set off a race or a track meet or something like that. the pipe bombs that he had attached to his body, they're said to be lethal. they searched that suspect's house in wheaton. they said they found four more devices which they removed from the house and safely detonated. little by little, we're learning more and more about how this hostage incident played out. this is what the lobby of the discovery building looked like today after that police takedown of a suspect in the hostage situation. it all came down yesterday around lunch time. 1:00 p.m. police descend on the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. an armed man takes three people hostage.
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chief tom manger said he had a feeling it was not going to end well. >> he had a wide range of emotions. he was up, he was down, he would come down a little sometime. we weren't making progress. >> reporter: the suspect, james jay lee, threatened to kill the hostages, threatened to kill himself. lee's weapons. two guns. they turned out to be starter pistols. they make noise but they don't shoot bullets. attached to his body, two small propane tanks, and two pipe bombs. >> the explosive devices that he had could have done significant damage to that lobby area and certainly would have been lethal. certainly to him and possibly to hostages. >> reporter: the hostages. one security guard, two discovery employees. they were forced to lie on the ground. >> they're listening to him saying he is ready]iñ to die.
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they're listening to him saying, basically saying that he has no concern for them or their lives. the fact they were able to hold it together as they did is just, i think they displayed great courage. >> reporter: the take-down. police secretly maneuvered an acteam on the other side of the wall close by the suspect. when thing got threatening, the acteam acted. >> there was something that they did that tack his attention away from talking to us on the phone and focused it on them. and then there was, my folk believed they heard a pop. and again, don't know if it was a gun going off or if it was him trying to detonate a device but they felt they had to go in there at that point. >> so the suspect, he ends up dead. the hostages are safe and alive. the investigation, that's still
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going on. back to you. >> thank you, pat. >> as the stand-off unfolded yesterday, a producer at nbc news in new york city called discovery communications to find out what was happening and wound up on the phone line with gunman james lee. >> i have a gun and i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body, ready to go off. i have a device, if i drop it, if i droipt, it will explode. >> that producer talked about the phone call on the "today" show. >> he wanted to have his story told. at least as far as i could tell. he spoke the entire time. i never heard him make any direct threats to anyone in the room if there were people in the room with him. it sound like an average conversation between two individuals. >> the call lasted for about ten minutes. nbc news immediately informed montgomery county authorities
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about it but did not release any details about the call while the incident was ongoing. >> it was an emotional return to work for discovery employees who had to go on with their jobs while coping with yesterday's events. our team coverage continues now with john schriffen. >> reporter: discovery employees did not speak to the media but we did get a chance to speak to an executive who said today is an important step for this company. not just because people are getting back to work but because everyone is coming together to begin this long process of healing. >> one by one, discovery employees made the emotional walk inside the building that just yesterday was taken over by a gunman with explosives. as they walked past security guards checking i.d.s, many broke down and thanked those who made sure the employees stayed safe. >> we addressed what happened yesterday. and began the healing process. there are a lot of hugs, a lot of tears, but our number one
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priority remain our employee well being. >> reporter: the company says over dozen crisis counsellors are currently on staff but the situation is affecting not just those who work inside the discovery building. these lasting images of police cars and s.w.a.t. truck are responding to a gunman that sent authorities ducking for cover has left many shaken up. >> i'm scared. i'm nervous to be out and about. you never know who it is that will do what. >> others who work in the area see the discovery building as a symbol of strength. >> putting discovery here was what brought silver spring to life. i think it is really important that people continue to make it a good place to work. >> it is better for people to just come back and go on with their lives. >> reporter: discovery says that's exactly what they'll do. >> i don't think anyone walked into the building today with the same bounce in their step that
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they had in days previous. but we came together. and there was a lot of joyfulness that ended. >> reporter: the entire building has not been opened up just yet. the lobby where the stand-off took place is still closed down. it is considered an active crime scene. the building will be mainly empty and that's because workers will have friday as well as monday off. and then the discovery executive told us on tuesday, he expects everyone to get back to making good tv. reporting live, back to you in the studio. >> continuing coverage of the discovery stand-off. coming up at 5:30, neighbors of james lee talk about what he was like. we'll find out what police found when they searched his house this morning. to our other top story, the arrival of hurricane earl. the storm is just hours away from north carolina's outer banks. >> it has weakened a bit but it
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is a powerful category 3 hurricane. today governor of north carolina pleaded with residents and tourists alike the evacuate. shelters have also opened as the storm inches closer to the area. hurricane and tropical storm warnings have been issued from north carolina to as far north as canada. >> for the latest on hurricane earl, the projected path, we'll go to meteorologist doug. >> we just got the latest. the winds have dropped. now down to 115 miles an hour, making it a minimal category 3 storm. this is a live shot. down at wrightsville beach, psych a little angry owing there but not too bad. the eye of the storm should pass just off the coast in about the next six to eight hours. that is when thing should start to go downhill. tow next couple hours we'll see this picture change dramatically. something else that has changed, the storm itself. last night around 11:00, it really looked like an amazingly strong storm. winds of 145 miles per hour.
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now those winds are down to only 115 miles per hour and it's expected to continue to weaken as it makes its way toward the north. the latest brand new track brings it off the coast of north carolina as a category 2. off our coastline as well by a category 2 as well. we could see some of the biggest concerns around our region. once again, wave hurricane watch in effect for all the atlantic beaches and parts of delaware. a tropical storm warning. i do not expect hurricane force winds along our coast. do i expect to see some tropical force gustsism do speck to see some of the strongest winds coming up a little later on. >> all right. thank you. in ocean city, folk are already gearing up for earl. earl signs of the hurricane threat have already arrived. chris gordon is there with more on the dangerous conditions along the shoreline. >> reporter: the crashing waves are now so big, the only ones allowed to ride them are ocean city's most experienced body
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boarders. >> have you ever seen waves like this? >> no, i haven't. not at all. >> reporter: how would you describe it? >> not very ocean city like at all. >> reporter: the winds picking up, the waves are getting bigger. despite the weather forecast, there are still plenty of people going into the owing. the ocean city beach patrol has put restrictions on them saying, stay close to shore. >> we're trying to keep most of the swimmers in, knee deep to waist deep to keep them out of the area where the dangerous waves are. >> reporter: for average swimmers, the waves pose a danger. they'll knock you down and drag you out. >> my concern is the riptide. i was watching that little boy right there. he is starting in one direction. by the time the waves come in, he is all the way at the other end. >> reporter: at the owing city public safety building, there was an emergency management meeting to plan for hurricane earl's passing off the coast. >> it is not a big rain event. that shouldn't be a problem. the winds that are sustain in
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that 40 to 50-mile-an-hour range for three to four hours, we'll see some loose items flying around. >> reporter: city officials want visitors not to travel from midnight until friday afternoon. when their forecasts say the winds and the rains are expected to subside. >> friday storm will be upon owing city. consider delaying the travel times until the storm ends. sometime late afternoon, conditions will improve. people can come back into town and enjoy the rest of the three-day weekend. >> reporter: in northicarolina, they are evacuating some coastal communities. but here in owing city, the signs are more hopeful. chris gordon, news4. meanwhile we've just learned that montgomery county he's urban search and rescue team is being deployed to massachusetts ahead of earl. 80 members of the team will leave tonight. the governor of massachusetts has declared a state of emergency there today. and still ahead on news4 at 5:00, not in our neighborhood. people in one community clash over plans to open an adult
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store. >> the doors are now open at the first organic grocery store east of the anacostia. why people here banking on the business's success. and we have a wild fish tail. locals reel in an eight-foot shark in the potomac and they have the pictures to prove it.
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doug is here with the latest
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on earl. you were telling to us put it in perspective how big earl is. >> it is a very big storm. hurricanes vary in size greatly. this one about the size of the state of georgia. just picture on a map, georgia coming at you if you're north carolina. you don't want to see that happening. the good news is it has decreased a little bit. 150-mile-an-hour winds. now a little better handle on the track of the storm taking it offshore. so i do not think you will see a direct impact toward beach. wrightsville beach toward north carolina. conditions will continue to deteriorate. if you're thinking about driving to the outer banks, you should be okay. i'll get to that. let's look at our area and see how we're dealing with temperature. a very hot day. 94 in washington right now. 97 in frederick, maryland. salisbury at 87. ocean city at 79. that's the area that will get hit. men of sunshine. the only clouds we've seen are actually from hurricane earl. they continue to make their way
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up from the south. they'll continue to do so as earl begin to make its way toward the north. last night it looked very good. like a very powerful storm. now it is starting to lose those really good characteristics to make it even stronger. i speck some weakening over the next say, 12 hours, before it makes its way to the outer banks and then very close to our shoreline. tomorrow around 2:00, it will be right off our coast. we could see the strongest winds. then it will move off toward new england, parts of the boston area. if you're going to cape cod or have friends there, they have hurricane warnings that are now in effect for their area. speaking of the watches and warnings, what about our area? we have a hurricane watch along our coast. but i don't think we'll see hurricane conditions here. more likely we'll see tropical storm conditions. we have tropical storm conditions, warnings throughout the delmarva. ocean city, bethany, right toward atlantic city into new jersey and down toward virginia beach as well. but inland in chesapeake, you
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are not included in this. take a look at these winds. 30 to 50 miles per hour in the southern portions of delmarva, toward the solomons area. maybe 15 to 30 miles per hour. look at d.c. maybe 10 to 20 miles per hour. west of that, not much in the way of winds. a very tight gradient as who sees some wind and had a doesn't see any at all. same deal with the rain. very with the toward the east. for most areas we're staying on the dry side. this evening we will see high clouds continue to increase. it will be a nice evening and a nice night around here. then tomorrow, partly cloudy, mainly dry early. 66 to 74 degrees tomorrow. partly sunny. showers mainly on the eastern shore, turning breezy. 85 to 90 degrees. as we look through the next four days. 79 on saturday. a little on the windy side there. breezy sunday, around 80 degrees. right now the weather looks great saturday, sunday and monday. for most of us in this area, tomorrow you're going to be like
5:17 pm
what hurricane do they continue to talk about? you really won't see much in the way of it. >> fast-moving. >> you'll be out of here on saturday. >> thank you. in manassas, plans to open up an dull store in the old town area have riled some community leaders. they stay store will ruin the family friendly environment they worked so hard to create. >> you might say the store is appropriately located on battle street. some elected leaders are promising a fate to keep it from opening its doors next month. up until now, things like ice cream and candy were the main temptation that's came to mind strolling through old town manassas. now a new soon to open store called kk temptations will be offering something that has some elected official and residents up in arm. as the window advertising reveals, it will feature lingerie, adult second toys and
5:18 pm
videos. they have called a community meeting to close the shop. they said they have worngd to create a family friendly atmosphere. >> it is a big quhern a porn shop wants to locate here. we have porn shops in manassas and prince william county. i've never raised a fuss about that. i've never gone out to try to shut them down. but right here in old town is just not the place to do it. >> reporter: the director of the art center down the block agrees. >> we have the center for the arts. we have a lot of classes in the arts and we have thousands of children that come through here every year. and their parents, and i think it is absolutely the wrong place to have a shop like this. but the store owner kimberly said opponents should have talked to her first. >> we're not even open yet. and people are making big judgments. >> reporter: she spoke to news4 over the phone explaining her
5:19 pm
boutique will be upscale. she promises when the paper comes off, the front windows won't feature anything different than what you see at a mall lingerie store. >> a lot of people don't feel, a lot of women we talk to don't feel good about going to certain thing because they feel trashy. we are trying to open a boutique that is very upscale where they feel comfortable coming in and not trashy. bringing something home to their spouse or partner. >> reporter: some of her business neighbors support her right to open the store. >> it's going to be an adult store. and i think that they have the right to be in business and do what they want to do, as long as it is not against the law. and it is not against the law. the people who don't like it, they have their choice to stay away from it. >> reporter: now the communicate meeting will be health tuesday evening at city hall. one thing even the opponents agree about, the store owner has the appropriate business license and no local ordinances bar her
5:20 pm
from operating her store at that location. back to you. >> all right. thank you. still to come on news4 at 5:00, the computer are back up and running at virginia's dmv. finally. what the commonwealth is doing to help people inconvenienced by that big computer glitch. drama behind the scenes of d.c.'s mayoral debate. why mayor fenty's wife got emotional. making pizza on the grill.
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tired of cooking steak, hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill? >> just when you thought you've thrown everything on the grill, this labor day weekend try grilling pizza. liz crenshaw is here to show us what that is all about. >> change it up. the third and final summer holiday. theñi grill is the perfect plac. we show you how to make it delicious. >> welcome back. >> great to be back. >> tony has tricks of the trade for grilling pizza. where do we start? >> let's start with the dough. you can either use a fresh dough or a premade dough like a boboli. the trick is to brush it with oil and then face it top side
5:24 pm
down. the same with the fresco. oil it first and then top side down. saute them ahead of time. the pizza cooks so fast on the grill, they don't have time. >> okay. our first beats is an italian style. ? use pesto as the base. we cover as much as we can with the pesto. our next layer is fresh tomato. the trick is to cut them as thinly as possible. the next trip is to use fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. >> tony, you call this one your zesty pizza. >> yes. the trick is, i'm using barbecue sauce for my base instead of tomato sauce. >> now a layer of chicken. the trick is to use a precooked chicken. put the pizza on the grill.
5:25 pm
>> why is that? >> it cook so fast it won't have time to cook on the grill. >> then on to the grill. >> on to the grill. while mushroom pizza. >> the trick is not to cook the mushrooms ahead of time. >> don't cook these ahead of time. why not? >> they cook very quickly so it will be perfect when it is on the grill. finally we'll add our olives which are already pitted. >> what kind of cheese? >> a sharp provolone. >> now it is time to cook them. oil the grates first. >> how long will that cook? >> five to eight minutes. >> okay. how do we get it off there? >> the trick is to use a cookie sheet with no sides, slide it under and remove. >> done. the final trick is, i like the drizzle a little bit of the extra virgin olive oil on top. >> thank you so much for teaching us how to grill pizza. mind if i taste?
5:26 pm
you've got it. this is really good. >> oh, great! >> it doesn't just have to be hamburgers. did tony deliver? >> tony is in chicago. he doesn't deliver. but they really do a great job for us. the cool thing is you have to change it up a little bit. cook your meat ahead of time. saute your vegetables ahead of time. it is not on the grill that long. no special equipment. just do it. >> the idea of grilling the wraed sounds terrific to me. >> we're all hungry. >> i'm going home to try that. >> thanks a lot. all eyes are on earl. the hurricane is expected to brush the outer banks late tonight. we're there to show you what the conditions are like in the hours before the storm hits. >> one of maryland's most powerful political figures is in some trouble with the law. how investigators stay senator
5:27 pm
abused his power to collect $245,000 from a grocery store chain. some call him the ultimate redskins fan. a look back at grandpa hogett's legacy.
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there were hug and cheers among discovery employees today who returned to work after
5:30 pm
yesterday's harrowing situation. a man who held several employees hostage was killed. the lobby where the stand-off occurred is still closed as authorities continue their investigation. outrage continue to grow over plan for an adult store in old town manassas. local officials, business owners and residents are trying to stop the opening of kk's temptation on battle street. one delegate said it would ruin the town's reputation. there is a meeting on the issue on tuesday. and hurricane earl has folk boarding up and leaving town. the storm could come close to the outer banks later tonight bringing with it big waves and heavy rains. watches and warnings extend up the east coast. all the way to canada. now let's fast forward to that weather. doug? >> including our area which is under tropical storm warnings and hurricane watchful here it is. hurricane earl. now winds 115 miles an hour. you can see it on the satellite picture. look at the radar. this is the radar picture showing where that storm is. the eye of that storm coming
5:31 pm
into view go right down at the bottom of the screen. it is expected now to pass off just to the east of the outer banks there. that is very good news for them. it is making its way into that region as we speak. we'll continue to watch out for that storm very closely. for our weather, we're seeing some high clouds from earl. they'll continue to stream on in but expect toe next couple days to see thing improve. right now the weekend, the hospital weekend is looking good. i'll show you those extended plans. >> thank you. we're learning more about the gunman killed in the stand-off yesterday at the discovery headquarters in silver spring. today police searched james lee's home in wheaton. >> some of his neighbors shared their thoughts on the suspect. derrick ward is live with more. >> reporter: as you can see behind me, thing have turned to relative normalcy. a stark contrast to how they
5:32 pm
were yesterday. most of the action today was in the neighborhood in wheaton not far from here. where james lee lived and where authorities removed four devices which they detonated. they're not saying a lot about that. neighbors can't say a lot about lee because most say they hardly knew him. local and federal law enforcement officers converged on this house on kimberly street. it is where james lee rented a room. residents now recall seeing him occasionally. >> he had a hat on. he had the jump suit. thing like that often time, coming and going. nothing unusual. >> others recall a penchant for feeding animal. >> i remember him feeding the birds. that increases the possibilities of rats. and there have been rat infestations due to these neighbors. >> there were concern that he may have manufactured the explosive devices that he used during takeover at his home.
5:33 pm
>> i know there was a s.w.a.t. team and bomb sniffing dogs. >> adjacent home were evacuated for a short time during the search. meanwhile she said she remember him. >> he would offer people money to get his message across. he was not vile. he was not may not. he wasn't mean or anything. it was an offering of a protest in 2008 that put him on the radar screen of their security and landed him in court. he was awarded to stay away from the building. it is when he went back with tragic consequences that has those who knew him or only live near him at once relieved and saddened. >> i am shocked to hear it was the same man in silver spring who was deranged and i'm sorry he's thateasly passed and i am his family but the police did a great job. >> to sum it up, one neighbor said you never know what's going on in your neighborhood.
5:34 pm
we'll have more at 6:00. back to you. >> thank you. a long time maryland lawmaker has been indicted on charge of bribery, could not spear and i and torborg. state senator ulysses curry is accused of illegally using his influence to help shoppers, food and pharmacy in its business dealings. the indictment says curry took more than $245,000 from the grocery chain between 2002 and 2008. his home was raid in the 2008 as part of a federal investigation. his attorney denies any wrongdoing on his client's bhf. he is running unopposed to reelection this september. a morning fire has shut down a northwest d.c. art gallery. it broke out in the phillips. it was around 8:30 this morning. firefighters arrived to see neighbors shooting from the hoop. investigators determined the fire started accidentally. a museum spoke person cited renovation work as the possible cause. some artwork was damaged but not
5:35 pm
seriously. no one was hurt. the gallery will be closed until further notice. >> there was a different heat in the debate between d.c. mayor adrian fenty and his front running challenge ervin sent gray. he pleaded with them to give him a second chance. gray said it is too little too late. tom sherwood has the latest. >> d.c. mayor al candidate vincent grey campaigned in northwest washington thursday picking up the endorsement. the big event came wednesday in a debate sponsored in part by nbc 4 between gray and mayor adrian fenty. he was byly criticized of being dismissive pleaded for a second chance of voters.
5:36 pm
many of whom liked the progress of fenty but not his personality. >> if you do not find it in your heart to forgive me and give me a second chance, i will have no one to blame but myselfism ask you to believe in me again. believe in d.c. and believe in this campaign. >> his campaign took a massive lead dismissed fenty' appeal. >> frankly, i don't think it is a change of heart. i think it is a change of strategy. that is to try to convince people now that i'm going to be a different person than i've been three years and eight and a half months of a term that you're going to become a different person in two week. i don't think so. >> it is unclear whether fenty's emotional appeal will affect a race in which turnout could be a significant factor. fenty's personality remains a big question mark. after the forum, fenty's wife michelle showed the strain of so many people saying they don't like her husband.
5:37 pm
>> everything that he has ever done is for his community. his city. these are his people. and the hard charging way he has behaved is for the people of the city. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. now mayor fenty release ad new campaign ad attack gray. more on that and the debate right here on news4 at 6:00. it took a week but the computer glitch at the dmv in virginia is fixed now. drivers are finally able to renew their licenses again. the problem affected thousands of virginians. as of today, all 74 dmv offices in the common wealth are fully operational. but word still getting out to folk who don't know that by now. some of them. the arlington office was empty today. dmv offices are are extending their hour to clear up the backlog. some offices will even be open sunday and labor day. locations and hours are listed at the dmv website. coming up, caught on tape. a biker collides with a car and
5:38 pm
manages to walk away from this. with just a few bumps and bruises. what a catch! look at that. fishermen reel in an eight-foot shark from the potomac. >> look at those teeth. and doug and veronica still taking your questions about hurricane earl. if would you like the take part in their web chat, logon to nbc from now through 6:30 tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪
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we're going to check on what we're working on at 6:00. >> coming up in a few minutes, police releasing new details about what that during the hostage negotiations. also, what they found on the suspect. and an adult store is about to nope virginia and it is causing a lot of controversy. also tonight -- >> reporter: ocean city prepares for hurricane earl. i'll tell you how it could affect your hurricane plans. this is chris gordon in ocean city. i'll have a report ahead. after midnight, that's when north carolina will start feeling the effect of hurricane earl. what people are doing to prepare for that storm. and in sports, the final game for guys trying to make the team. we'll go live to arizona with the redskins wrapping up
5:42 pm
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5:44 pm
hello. welcome back. you know it's been a very hot day today. we're nearing our 60th day of 90-degree heat. today is number 59. we'll be at 60 90-degree days this summer. hurricane earl now a category 3 storm with 115-mile-an-hour winds just barely holing on to that major hurricane status. it has decrease in the intensity over the last couple hours. that's good news. it has also shifted a little bit to the north and northeast.
5:45 pm
it passes off our coastline by about noon. tropical storm warnings in effect for our beach counties. beach communities. ocean city, delaware, 30 to 50-mile-an-hour winds through southern virginia. 30 to 50 there. 10 to 20 around the washington area. 79 on saturday, 80 on sunday. we get through the day tomorrow and the rest of the weekend looking good. guys? >> for now, the calm before the storm. this is a live look at the surf in wrightsville beach, north carolina. waves have been getting larger by the hour and communities are keeping an eye on earl. this is a scene of cape maine, new jersey. the category 3 storm inches closer. since it is still unclear what it will bring, thousands of residents and visitors have been
5:46 pm
will to leave coastal towns as a precaution. >> this is not the way folk were hoping to spend the long labor day weekend. jay gray is in kill devil hills, north carolina, with more on earl's approach. >> good evening from the outer banks after noon today, we saw the clouds start to roll in. the waves, the surf beginning to get very violent. you see a few stragglers on the beach but most in this area have evacuated. moving to higher ground. forecasters say we could experience hurricane force winds throughout the night. driving rain. and those waves which right now are pressing at 10 to 12 feet, they could reach 20 feet at the height of the storm here. so again, a lot of the people in this area moving to a safer position. good news as earl make its way closer to the coast. also good news. it looks like it is a fast moving storm. so by saturday, they hope that all those visitors can come back here. in kill devil hills, north carolina, i'm jay gray.
5:47 pm
news4. >> the director have to emergency office says people who plan to drive to owing city this week should avoid driving before 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. well, no storm in sight as the redskins face cardinals in the last preseason game. >> and dan hellie is here with a preview of the match-up. >> hey, guys. the last preseason game of the year. preseason game number four. and final cuts are on saturday. redskins going to trim the roster by 22 players to get down to the final 53. you may not see the starter for very long if at all tonight. what you will see are players fighting to keep their dreams alive. skins wrapping up the preseason with a late start out in arizona. one of the ghiz has been fighting for a roster spot the entire preseason is brand on that banks. a kick returner. he scored a touchdown in his very first game. he is 5'7", 155 pounds, a rookie
5:48 pm
out of kansas state. 77 yards, he returned to punt for a touchdown. and this little guy has wheels. believe it or not, he might be the most explosive player on this entire team. and he is still fighting for a roster spot. he make great plays like this and then he fumbled the ball twice. the coaches have a decision to make. brandon banks knows tonight will be huge. my last opportunity to show the coach what i can do. i have a lot of pressure on myself. >> i am not going to dwell on it. i'm going to do my job. >> it's stressful. special when i the coaching staff. it amounts happens. >> it's at that point in time, you've built a relationship with
5:49 pm
them. there are a lot of great people here. that's the fullback. he doesn't have anything to worry about. he probably won't be playing to rest up for the regular season opener against dallas. >> we are not going to be able to get out to arizona. we are going to have lindsay czarniak hopefully with the preview. it is right here nbc 4. kickoff at 10:00 tonight. in case you had nothing to do late night, we'll be here for you. the news will be on right after the game. if anything, you watch this game because of the young guys who are really fighting and scrapping to make this roster. literally trying to keep their dream alive. there are guys cut five, six, seven times in the nfl. this is their final chance. >> everything. he go. >> a lot of excitement. >> he was the ultimate redskins
5:50 pm
fan. ralph campbell died last friday. he was one of the founding member of the hogetts for 27 years. the group of men wore women's dresses, hats and pig snouts to redskins game and to raise money for charity. this is what campbell said when asked why he loved being a hogett. >> well, we'll have that a bit later. grandpa hogett was 73 years old. his funeral service will be held on saturday. >> still ahead, a sign of the times. >> how a new business is helping people have healthy alternative when's shopping for food when revamping a
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund
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to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
5:53 pm
there is a new gateway into the anacostia neighborhood. a yes organic opened up offering new healthier food choices for residents and opening the door for revitalization to move into the neighborhood. aaron gilchrist has the story. >> the organic market officially opened on tuesday. it is foreign to this neighborhood. the first organic grocery store east of the anacostia river and from the look of business so far, if you build it, they will come. >> they've been asking, would you open a store on this side of the river? that's how we open all the
5:54 pm
stores. we listen to our customers. >> reporter: the owner says this community has been clamoring for organic foods and other natural healthier products. he won a $900,000 grant from the city to bring this store to ward 8 employing residents and offering fresh options people seem to want. >> a good variety of vegetables. i'm getting ready to look with theers had because i cook with freshers had so i'm interested in that. >> the prices seem reasonable. the vegetables and fruits look outstanding. >> reporter: as mike gross watched his groceries cross the register, he was gratified to know they will offer the community what he call affordable options that are good for them. >> i need to be healthier. they've got stuff that i don't see other places. whole wheat stuff. a lot of natural products. i think it is tremendous. to the neighborhood. >> reporter: just a block away, pennsylvania avenue is in the midst of a major construction project aimed at improving
5:55 pm
appearance. yet another sign of neighbors seeking a new lease on life. as monica shopped the new market, she sees a rebirth on the horizon. >> we have a lot of residents in this neighborhood who drive across the bridge into capitol hill and to virginia a lot of time to get thing we should be able to get right here in our neighborhood. >> because if we're here, hopefully others would follow and open a nice store that the people here deserve. >> reporter: we could see more mixed use development in neighborhoods like this. the grocery store owner and the building's developer say they're looking for more funts ever opportunities to underserve. in the anacostia neighborhood, news4. >> that market brought 30 job to the anacostia neighbor. >> most of the employees live there who work there use it so that's great for them. the final preseason game tonight. lindsay czarniak is live in arizona. hours away.
5:56 pm
hi, lindsay! >> reporter: as you said, a big opportunity for all those guys trying to make this squad. it is not much that you hear all this pomp and circumstance around long snapper. but tonight for knick, an entirely different story. he is from phoenix, arizona. i want to bring in his mother stacey who joins me now. you came out here early but i know you've been playing travel agent. how many people are coming out to watch him play? >> 200 people. 200 family and friends from arizona. >> reporter: and of course, you're busing all of them in and making sure they arrive safely. >> yeah. they're all getting a taxi ride, a bus ride home. if they drink any alcohol, they'll be safe. >> reporter: i know as we talk, about it a mixed job. what is it like for you as a mother? you quit your job so you could help him pursue this dream. what is it like when you're watching him out there knowing his nfl future is on the line? >> i get very nervous for him. i visualize him having a great
5:57 pm
snap. i try to send him telepathic messages. you have to think positive for him. and then it is just amazing to see him out on the field. pursuing his dream. so that just makes me so happy. and i think of all the other young guys that have that same desire to get to that level. it is almost an impossibility for most athletes. it is a special place for him to be. >> reporter: nick was a center in high school. you have become an expert talking to me about that and about what you've learn about the position which is rare that people know a lot about it. >> absolutely. nick was very fortunate to have one of his high school coaches who perfected line snapping. he has coached him outside of regular football in the art. i know what 30 other xids he has gotten scholarships. he is ben bernard.
5:58 pm
he has educated me about what a long good snap is, what a spiral is. i can tell you when it is too slow, too fast. >> reporter: what are you going to say to him before the game before we let you go? >> i'm going to say do your best. go out there and do the job you've been practicing tad for the last nine years. >> reporter: thanks so much for joining us. as weapon, because james was cut yesterday, that means nick sundberg, the only one on the roster tonight, he will try to fight to keep it that way. >> thank you. that's great. what a game that will be. >> right here. sure. that's news4 at 5:00. stay right there. news4 at 6:00 starts right now. hurricane earl expected to hit north carolina tonight. >> folk in ocean city are gearing up for the potential impact of the tomorrow as it
5:59 pm
heads up the coast. >> a business owner in manassas refusing to back down. she is getting a lot of opposition though. first out, we're learning more about what ammunition that gunman in yesterday's hostage stand-off had with him. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm pat lawson muse. it-out james lee had on him the gun on him were starter pistols. the explosives he had were real. pat collins joins us live with the new developments. >> reporter: this is what is new tonight. that suspect, he didn't have handguns. he had starter pistols. they make noise but they don't shoot bullets. they say he was wearing some paper bombs and the pipe bombs could have been deadly them say they searched his wheaton home and found four more explosive devices. we begin tonight with some police transmissions early on in tha

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